Merseyside County Athletic Association

Road Running

NW Road Relays

This Year’s North West Road Relays will be hosted by Cheshire CAA in Delamere Forest on Saturday 8th September.  More details will be posted when available.

Replacement GP race

The Wirral Seaside 5k on 25 July replaces the August Mystery 5k in the GP. Organisers Pensby Runners have raised the race limit to 500 and they have arranged on-line entries and chip timing. On-line entries are now open at –, and also see the race website for more info. In view of on-line entries there will be no entries on the night.
Many thanks to Pensby Runners for making these new arrangements. Tim Warn


Races for the 2018 Road Grand Prix are now on the GP page

2017 Grand Prix Awards

The presentation of Road Grand Prix awards will again take place after the November Halewood 5k (on 4 November). Race starts at 10.00am and presentation will take place at about 10.45am. Could clubs ensure award winners are aware of these arrangements and confirm they will be able to attend the presentation. Grateful if 5K runners too could stay after the race and support the winners. See List of award winners.  Tim Warn