Merseyside County Athletic Association

Services to athletics award, 2019

The county committee awarded the 2019 meritorious services to athletics award postumously to Wally Bridson.

Wally had a long time connection with L’pool Pembroke & Sefton and, on retirement, he accepted the role of Secretary of the Club. His enthusiasm and commitment was boundless and he advanced the club to new levels of efficiency and recognition in the wider community.

He also took on roles within the county,  including  Vice President, and within Merseyside Schools. He was ever-present and willing to undertake numerous and sometimes onerous jobs. He qualified as an official in different capacities and was latterly much in demand as a Starter . Both County and Schools will miss his presence.

His commitment went well beyond that of a normal volunteer and he would frequently travel long distances on public transport to fulfil even a modest engagement. His easy manner endeared him to officials and coaches alike and to the many athletes to whom he gave quiet encouragement.

It really is no exaggeration to say he was truly an outstanding official, colleague and friend.